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We specializes in the design, development,  operation, ownership and sale of commercial and industrial properties in the greater Las Vegas area. 

The company’s business is comprised of 3 components: (a) the design, development, construction of commercial and industrial properties for its own portfolio; (b) the design, development and construction services for third-party clients; and (c) property operations and management. 

Our commitment to total asset management is primary.  This "ownership" perspective encompasses the effective integration of a comprehensive property management system with an intensive lease up program and innovative future redevelopment of the property.  

Santoli Realty, Inc. is involved in each phase of the following process:

  • Site Location and Evaluation
  • Financial Analysis
  • Appraisals
  • Site Acquisition
  • Planning & Development
  • Negotiations and Finalization of Agreements
  • Project Management
  • Construction Lending and Permanent Financing
Santoli Realty, Inc. through its General Contracting arm, Santoli Construction LLC, has developed numerous major commercial and industrial projects, complemented by excellent relationships with professional consultants, contractors, and sub-trades to provide results-oriented service to our clients.

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Las Vegas, Nevada 89103
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